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Next Level Speed Owner Justin Petraglia Training a Client In the Proper Way to do Weighted Lunges. At Next Level SpeedWB_SC_1 proper form is always Stresed for safety and to also get the best results possible from your workout routine.
At Next Level SpeedWB_SC_1 Training for QuicknessWB_SC_1 FlexibiltyWB_SC_1 and Overall Strength is in our DNA.

 Next Level’s philosophy is one that has taken over a decade to develop. It stems from multiple disciplines and borrows the most effective methods to ensure that our clients achieve their goals.


Our philosophy starts with a simple question:


"What is your goal?"


Lifestyle changes start with you. A spark ignites something inside of you. It’s an organic impulse. Now that you have made the choice to change, allow us to help add the fuel to that change, and help guide you to success.

No matter what your goal, our team of doctors, therapists, professional athletes and exercise science coaches can help you achieve greatness.

Our philosophy is based on individualization. 


There are no cookie cutter programs at Next Level Speed.


Each client is handled with the respect and attention, that he or she and deserves, and that is specific to overall function and performance. We not only will give you the tools to change your body, but we give you an education on the science behind our methodology.


Our staff is NOT comprised of personal trainers who took a weekend course to get certified.


We are elite level trainers that have been trained by leaders in the industry.

We have combined research, science, and best practices from the top fields, to ensure that every one of our clients achieves their goals.

Owner of Next Level SpeedWB_SC_1 Justin Petraglia testing his jump strength.

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Weight Training at Next Level Speed

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Next Level Speed: "We're not just a gym, we're a lifestyle."

Client Christina at Next Level SpeedWB_SC_1 we\re not just a gymWB_SC_1 we\re a lifestyle.
Next Level Speed client Christina strength training for balance.