Group Sports Training

Group Sports Training

Group Sports Training

Our team has developed the most scientific group programs in the industry. We incorporate the best methods and deliver them in sports training clinics that are guaranteed to take you to the next level. All clinics work on sports specific movements, functional strength, explosive training, speed mechanics and acceleration. We developed specific programs for every sport, below are some of the programs we currently offer.

Squash Clinics

The purpose of these clinics is to teach athletes proper warm ups, strength exercises and flexibility training. In addition to these clinics we offer a squash specific fitness/ movement evaluation. This evaluation will give you the information needed to develop the perfect routine. It covers strength, endurance, agility and overall squash performance. Our trainers have published a book on squash training and the science behind it. Our goal is to educate the athlete on the basics of proper training with a distinct focus on squash related movements. Increased emphasis on individual needs, deficiencies and medical conditions should be considered while training. Since no two players are the same we advise that each athlete see a trainer specializing in squash conditioning.

Baseball Clinics

Upon arrival, athletes will receive a baseball specific fitness/ movement evaluation. The focus of these group training sessions will be to increase speed, flexibility and explosiveness. Our staff is comprised of former college and professional baseball players that can offer a unique mix of functional training and on-field experience.

Olympic Lifting Clinics

The purpose of this group will be to focus on perfecting Olympic lifting technique and building explosive power. Our coaches have competed at a national level in this sport and we greatly believe in its benefits when developing explosive athletes. This type of training increases the use of fast twitch explosive muscle fibers as well as promoting flexibility.

General Athletic Training Clinics

We combine Olympic lifting, sports movement training, endurance and speed training into these general sports clinics. These groups are a great way to start out any athlete no matter what their schedule or sport. Our Coaches also teach athletes proper warm up, cool down and recovery techniques when they are on their own.