Strength And Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Overview

If you are an athlete dedicated to improving your performance, you will need a knowledgeable team behind you. Next Level Speed is dedicated to helping athletes physically and mentally prepare for their sport and we have built an outstanding team to ensure that every athlete achieves their goals. The Next Level Speed Strength and Conditioning program provides athletes with an environment that promotes education and safety and grounds them in the disciplines of:

• Human Anatomy and Physiology
• Kinesiology
• Biomechanics
• Motor Memory Learning
• Nutritional Science

Next Level Speed creates a strength and conditioning program tailored to each athlete's needs based on the following core components:

Individual Assessment

Our team evaluates each athlete by performing specific tests to assess movement. Additionally, before starting any athletic training program the athlete must complete our functional workshop to ensure that proper form and function are utilized through the program. Periodically, athletes are required to undergo periodic reevaluation of the functional assessment to review the basics and make certain that they continue to incorporate proper function.

Power and Strength Training

Power and strength training is integral in any part of an athlete's program. When teaching young athletes, the most important goal is to develop proper form and technique. Next Level Speed uses the safest and most productive methods of teaching the proper form and technique. We focus on training the neurological system as well as the muscle, which translates into the body being able to utilize stored energy more effectively - a good analogy for this concept is a coiled spring. We believe in educating each athlete about how their body works and not just handing them pieces of paper with a variety of exercises on it.

Core Training

Core training includes balance and proprioceptive exercises. It is our belief that typical sit-ups, bicycles, and leg raises should be eliminated from most athlete's programs. Most sports are played fast and explosively not leisurely or on an athlete’s back so why should they spend their training session in that position? Training with medicine balls, chopping motions and using balance devices are essential in reinforcing the kind of movement that athletes require. Postural distortions affect power output, can hinder ball control and contribute to soft tissue injury therefore we help to correct weakness and retrain muscles to fire in proper and effective sequence. Additionally, we focus on tri-planar movements based on specific sport positions.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility is crucial for athletes. There are different types of stretching however the most common type is static stretching which is the most misused form of stretching. It is important that athletes know, understand and incorporate the various other types of flexibility training into their regimen. Within our programs we teach athletes about:

• Dynamic Stretching
• P.N.F.
• A.I. Stretching

Speed Enhancement

Speed training is a critical component of a quality strength and conditioning program. In order to develop and enhance speed, athletes must learn the fundamentals of running. These fundamentals include:

• Knowledge of primary muscles required to run and the entire mechanics behind it
• Understanding the human body's different energy systems and how to maximize the energy storage system
• Reinforcing core strength as it directly related to the amount of power the extremities can produce

Competitive Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting, as the name suggests, is a sport officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It has been contested longer than its inclusion in the first modern Olympics in 1896. A testament to its credibility is that it has flourished during the past 20 Olympics and is now represented by 167 affiliated nations. The Institute of Heavy Training (IHT) is focused solely on this discipline. For more information, please refer to the IHT Website

Rates and Policies

When beginning a strength and conditioning program, Next Level Speed requires athletes to undergo an in depth consultation with one or more of our strength and conditioning trainers. The athlete will undergo a variety of assessments that will allow our team to devise an individualized program specifically tailored to the athlete’s needs. Beyond the evaluation and program design, we require athletes to purchase blocks of 10 or 20 sessions as that is the most effective way of undergoing a strength and conditioning program.

Please contact us for specific rates.

Sports Performance Camps

Only $50.00 per class, all classes are 1hr 15 min

*Functional workshops for athletes are dependent on the athlete. He/she may not require an entire 10 sessions.

*Group rates are available but require a consultation to assess exact requirements prior to providing rates.